Position yourself for savvy investing.
We teach and mentor everyday people to use
index positions trading to achieve outstanding returns.
How it works

We’ve developed a simple online tool to help you invest according to your preferred level of risk.
We teach you what’s behind the tool and how to use it. Then we continue to mentor
and support you as your investments and knowledge grow.

Clear trading process Unlimited trades Easy to use interface Track your profit
Clear trading process
Unlimited trades
Track your profit
Easy to use interface
A simple tool for smart investing

Dimistifi (MMI Simplified Technical Information for Investors) is our specially-created online platform for smart investing,
available exclusively to our trainees and members.


This easy-to-use tool helps you to trade index options. You buy or sell a share of a stock index (the S&P 500) with Dimistifi guiding your investment decisions by giving you up-to-date information about the risk profiles of all possible trades.


You get access to sophisticated data that was once available only to professional traders. We automatically input data from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) about the S&P 500. Then we run it through a mathematical formula invented by Nobel Prize winners to produce a risk profile for all possible trades.


We’ve automated the equations to give you the risk profiles of different trades, but we haven’t automated the investment decision like many other online trading offerings. We believe you should have control over your own investment decisions and the amount of risk you’re willing to take.

But while the method and the data are sophisticated, what you see onscreen is easy to follow and easy to use.

And you can access Dimistifi, any place, any time, as long as you’re online.

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Training & Support
MMI trains and supports you to make independent decisions

We educate you in safe and sensible trading strategies. And we’re committed to treating our clients ethically and transparently.

Know your options

Training will be provided using a mixture of contemporary means, including online and classroom work. Our courses cater for all knowledge levels and trading appetites. We start with a very simple course and move through a stepped learning process to courses offering technical trading methodologies for those who would like to learn more. We recognise that everyone is different and have designed our courses so that you can complete the course you are most comfortable with and trade from there.

We stay the distance

We are always with you, even once you’ve completed our course. Our different membership packages give you different levels of support. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure we’ll be there to answer your questions.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-time or long-term investor,
investing a little or a lot, just starting to build your life savings,
or boosting your nest egg for retirement.
Why choose MMI?
The MMI difference - you’re in control

Traditionally, investing has meant handing over control of your money and paying high fees to someone who doesn’t actually do anything to support you after they’ve decided how to spend your money. And those high fees eat into your return on investment.

We’ve turned this model on its head, giving you control of your money. We charge fees for our support and access to trading data, not for you to trade (though, as with any trading, small brokerage fees apply with your broker).

Cheap online products are often automated – you hand over your money and with it your control. Other offerings leave you out on your own to grapple with a complicated system you might not fully understand.

Why add index positions trading to your financial investment toolkit?
  • Diversify your investment risk – this is a great way to make sure your eggs are in different baskets
  • Access your money easily – your investment is highly liquid and you can end a trade at any time
  • MMI Position Trading philosophically makes you a positional trader with a slight directional bias – positions will be adjusted accordingly upon major directional Stock Market movements only
  • Exposure to the best stocks on the market – you’re investing in the world’s biggest companies
  • You’ll even enjoy yourself along the way – we do.
Some other benefits of learning and trading with us:
  • You can always see what’s happening to your investment
  • It doesn’t require a large investment of time – as little as a few minutes a day
  • We never have access to your money
  • You can choose to invest large or small amounts
  • You have access to ongoing mentoring
Our commitments to you:

It’s not just our approach to investing that makes us different.
It’s our approach to our clients too.

We commit to:

  • Being transparent about fees
  • Training you in all aspects of risk in index trading
  • Meeting our support guarantees
A note on risk:

We don’t pretend that our way of trading is entirely risk-free. Any investment carries risk. MMI’s method lets you control the level of risk you’re willing to accept. Our tool essentially conducts a risk analysis for you and quantifies the risk of any investment decision you are about to make. We don’t leave things to luck. And a good risk strategy like ours makes the most of good opportunities as much as it avoids bad ones.

This all means that we can view risk positively. We talk about the probability of profit as much as risk. So, for example, if you’re taking a 5% risk, you’ve got a 95% probability of profit. Remember though, that the probability of profit changes on a daily basis and may go up or down, depending on the market movement. Once you are in a trade, you need to monitor it each day in Dimistifi, to decide on your next move. Options trading does carry risk and we refer you to the disclaimer at the bottom of this website.

Course costs

The training fee for our basic course is $3250 (incl. GST). Should you wish to learn to trade using more technical methodologies, contact us for advanced course costs.

Other costs

Any trading with a broker attracts a brokerage fee. MMI have negotiated a competitive fee with our broker of choice. If you prefer not to use our broker, you are free to use your own.

Subscription options:
  • Access to data 24/7.
  • Access to Dimistifi (Market Masters Institute unique trading platform)
  • Access to personal Market
    Masters Institute page with all trades and information
$150 per month
  • Access to data 24/7.
  • Access to Dimistifi (Market Masters Institute unique trading platform)
  • Access to personal Market
    Masters Institute page with all trades and information
  • Email access to assistance
  • Weekly Skype question and
    answer sessions
$250 per month
  • Access to data 24/7.
  • Access to Dimistifi (Market Masters Institute unique trading platform)
  • Access to personal Market
    Masters Institute page with all trades and information
  • Email access to assistance
  • Weekly Skype question and
    answer sessions (priority to have
    questions answered)
  • Telephone access to a mentor
$350 per month
Note: All subscribers can access limited bookings for one-on-one meetings with a mentor at a cost of $250 per hour.
About us
Trading the way we teach you

Stan Friedman, Steven Linham and Shaun Rodenburg are the founding partners of MMI.
As well as being active traders with close to 50 years experience with many different types of investment, we are also educators.

Stan Friedman

Stan has been training adults for most of his working life and is qualified in training and assessing adult learners. He has been an active index trader since 2009 and has not only amassed a vast amount of knowledge over that period but, as both an employee and business owner, has taught over 100 clients to understand and trade index markets themselves.

Steven Linham

Steven Linham has been an active trader in indices since 2013. He also holds an extensive property portfolio and has developed a sophisticated computer program to monitor and maintain a large investment portfolio. Steven has auditing and compliance experience in the private sector and currently holds a managerial position in the public sector, guiding and mentoring 36 staff who are charged with responding to emergency situations.

Shaun Rodenburg

Shaun Rodenburg holds a substantial investment property portfolio and has been actively trading in indices since 2014. He has owned his own business (Air Cargo Agent Audit Services) for many years while holding senior positions within state and federal governments. Shaun has a great deal of experience in leading businesses in complex, highly regulated environments with significant compliance obligations and is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

We all use the method of trading that we teach you, though we each approach it differently.

Each of us has different attitudes to risk, spends different amounts of time each week on monitoring our trades, and invests different amounts of money. For one of us, trading index positions is his main investment strategy; for the other two it sits nicely as a complement to their other investments.